Outdoor Lighting Agreement

Southwest Mississippi Electric Power Association, hereinafter called the Association, and the undersigned, hereinafter called the Member, hereby mutually agree as follows:

  1. The Association agrees to furnish and install a lighting unit on a pole owned by the Association at a location agreeable to both parties. The Association will provide the electrical service to the unit and furnish electricity to be used by the unit which shall be controlled by a photo electric switch.
  2. The Association agrees to maintain the lighting unit and repair the lighting unit at no expense to the Member after the Association has been officially notified by the Member of needed maintenance. Official notification requires that the Member contact a Member Service Representative either in person or by telephone and request a service order be generated to schedule the maintenance. Upon request by the Member, the charge for the lighting unit will be waived for a period of one month if the lighting unit is not repaired within 15 days of notification.
  3. The Member agrees to furnish the location for the unit and to permit the trimming of trees and shrubs necessary for installing conductors and the lighting unit.
  4. It is mutually agreed that the lighting unit, conductor, and poles installed shall remain the property of the Association.
  5. If at any time during the initial twelve month period the Member elects to have the lighting unit removed from service, the Member agrees to pay as set forth in this Agreement for the remaining months.
  6. The Member agrees to protect the lighting unit from damage so far as Member is able.
  7. The lighting unit, together with poles and conductors, may be removed from the Member’s premises at any time by the Association if the Association chooses to discontinue this service if the Member fails to pay as set forth in this Agreement, or the lighting unit is repeatedly damaged by acts other than nature.
  8. The Member agrees to pay the Association for the service at the current rate specified below plus any applicable taxes. If at any time the Association makes an adjustment of the charge for lighting units, whether an increase or decrease, the new charge shall apply to the service under this contract.
  9. This Agreement will be binding for any additional lighting units requested by the Member after the date executed below.

It is only possible to do an online Outdoor Lighting Agreement for existing units.  Please contact the Member Services Department at 800-287-8564 for all new and existing outdoor lighting requests before you submit the form.

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