Right-of-Way Management

One of the ways Southwest Electric provides the most reliable power service possible is a program called Right-of-Way.  Southwest’s Right-of-Way crew and contractors work day in and day out trimming trees and underbrush and applying herbicides to keep the power lines clear so that our Members have the electricity they need.  The goal is to keep trees and brush trimmed back at least 20 feet on either side of the power lines.


When trees and other natural growth are left alone to grow, they fall on power lines and cut off electricity to your home or business.  Thinking ahead and trimming trees before they become problems help prevent these outages from happening when the wind blows and rain falls.


Trees and brush interfering with power lines raise the cost of providing our Members with electricity.  It takes longer for line crews to find problems and make repairs if they cannot see or get to problems.


Live trees contain water and may conduct electricity.  If a tree touches a power line, it can carry up to 7,200 volts of electricity and injure people and pets or damage other objects that get near the “electrified” tree.


Southwest’s Right-of-Way crew and contractors are dedicated to maintain the trees and brush around the lines that provide power to over 25,000 meters at homes and businesses.  If you find a tree or other type of vegetation growing near a power line, please contact our Right-of-Way Manager, B.J. Newman, by calling 800-287-8564.