Fees and Charges

Southwest Electric works hard to keep the cost of electric service low for its Members.  The following list outlines the initial fees for connecting service, and fees that may be encountered after service is connected.  This list does not include all fees and charges required by Southwest Electric, but will provide an overview of financial commitment to Southwest Electric.

$5 Membership Fee – Individuals desiring electric service are required to become a Member of Southwest Electric.  The membership fee is refundable upon termination of service.  The payment of this fee and submission of membership information allows the Member all rights and privileges of membership including electric service, subscription to “Today in Mississippi” monthly publication, free in-home energy audits and more. The fee will be refunded once the Member no longer receives electric service from Southwest Electric.

Deposit Options – 1. An Equifax soft credit check can be ran. If your credit is excellent you will pay a $0 deposit, if the your credit is good the deposit will be $250, if your credit is poor the deposit will be $400.

2. If you choose not to use the Equifax credit check program the deposit will be $400.

3. Participate in our $0 deposit EZ-Pay prepay program.

$55 Additional Meter Deposit – If you have an existing residential meter with Southwest Electric, and wish to connect an additional meter for a pump house,non-commercial shop, barn or camp, an additional deposit may be required. If you have had an existing excellent Equifax credit check within the last 12 months or excellent credit history with Southwest Electric, the deposit will be $0.

$45 Activation Fee – When a new account is established, a non-refundable connection charge is assessed to offset the cost of setting up the account and setting the meter.

$45 Reconnection Fee – A reconnection fee is assessed when electric service has been disconnected for nonpayment and reconnection is requested.  Note: additional deposit may also be required if Member’s service is disconnected and the bill must be paid in full before reconnection of service.

$15 Return Check Or Card Fee – This fee is required for any check/card returned to Southwest Electric by the bank.

Outdoor Lighting Fees and Rates

Effective March 1, 2022

Type of Lighting Unit Installation Fee*

(unit only)


Fee Per 30’ Pole **

Recurring Monthly Rate Recurring Monthly Rate w/ Pole
Outdoor General Lighting Unit $50 $100 $8.55 $10.10
400 Watt Flood Light $100 $100 $21.00 $22.55
1000 Watt Flood Light $150 $100 $40.00 $41.55
100 Watt Designer Light w/ 20’ Fiberglass Pole

(Underground Service Only)

N/A TBD by Staking Tech. N/A $16.00
250 Watt Designer Light w/ 30’ Fiberglass Pole

(Underground Service Only)

N/A TBD by Staking Tech. N/A $22.00
Existing Unit Relocation or adjustment on existing pole(s) $25 N/A N/A N/A
Lighting Pole Relocation Charge N/A TBD by Staking Tech. N/A N/A
Security Light replacement with new style unit (per Member request) $50 N/A N/A N/A

*Applies only to the installation of a new unit. Does not apply to the activation on an existing unit.

** This installation fee is for each 30′ wooden pole installed solely for furnishing this lighting service.  Installation of a pole other than a 30’ wooden pole may require additional installation fees. 

Meter Tampering Affects Us All

When someone tampers with a meter, it’s illegal and it costs everyone money.  Those who steal electricity eventually get caught, but the sooner they get caught, the better.  If you know of an incident, please report it to info@swepa.coop or call 800-287-8564.  It will help keep the cost of electricity as low as possible for all Members.

Meter Tampering Charges

A meter tampering charge will be paid by any Member whose meter indicates signs of tampering.  This charge is in addition to estimated power use and/or meter damage charges.

Meter Damage Charges

$TBD- based on current installed plant cost.

Any applicable sales tax will be added to above fees. Fees are subject to change.