What is a Cooperative?

A cooperative is an organization owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services.  Southwest Electric is a Member-owned electric distribution cooperative formed by its rural residents in 1937 to bring power to their homes and farms.  We distribute power to over 25,000 meters and maintain 4,200 miles of lines in nine counties — Adams, Amite, Claiborne, Copiah, Franklin, Hinds, Jefferson, Lincoln and Wilkinson — in southwest Mississippi.  We purchase power for our Members from Cooperative Energy, an electric generation and transmission cooperative in Hattiesburg.  There are 26 Member-owned electric cooperatives in Mississippi serving over 1.8 million Members.


All electric cooperatives follow the 7 Cooperative Principles and operate in the same manner.

Mission Statement

and Bylaws

To provide Operational Excellence for reliable and dependable service to the Member-Owners and to make electric energy available at the lowest cost consistent with sound economic and management policies.


We strive to apply this mission on a day-to-day basis and to adhere to all policies and guidelines set by the Board of Directors.  It is the duty of Southwest Electric to advise the Member-Owners as to the use of electricity for both safe and economic purposes and to participate and cooperate with agencies and communities in the overall development of Southwest Electric’s service area.


For information about the Annual Meetings, the Board of Directors and the operations of Southwest Electric, please see our Bylaws.