Southwest Electric Returns $1,546,843.25 in Capital Credits in September 2019

Southwest Electric is a Member-owned cooperative.  Unlike an investor-owned utility, we do not operate to make a profit.  Revenue received from Members’ bills is used to cover operating expenses and the remaining funds are invested in the utility plant.  This investment called capital credit patronage is allocated to our Members’ accounts based on how much electricity they used that year.  Members who use more electricity will have a larger investment.  Likewise, Members who use less will have a smaller investment.

Capital credits from 1988 and some from 2018 will be returned to Members who had accounts during those years.  On September 11, those Members with capital credits of $50 or more will be mailed a check.  Members with less than $50 in capital credits will see their amount as a credit on the September bills.

Since 1960, Southwest Electric has returned over $27 million in patronage capital to our Members.