Contractor Cutting Right-of-Way in Wilkinson County by Helicopter

Southwest Electric has contracted with Delta Tree and Rotor Blade to trim the trees around power lines in areas of Wilkinson County using a helicopter.

The areas around Beaver Creek Road, Highway 24, Lake Mary and Pinckneyville will be trimmed by the Rotor Blade helicopter in February and March.  Delta Tree crews will remain in the area for several more months cleaning up debris and cutting areas that the helicopter cannot navigate.

Southwest Electric is committed to providing its Members with reliable electric service.  “One of the ways we maintain our service is to keep trees and brush trimmed back at least 20 feet on either side of the power lines.  This area is called the right-of-way,” explained Jeff Mac Segrest, Right-of-Way Supervisor.

With over 4,200 miles of lines to maintain, contractors are used to assist employees with the tree trimming.  “We have a bucket truck for our right-of-way crews that can reach 60 feet.  When trees are taller than 60 feet, we hire contractors with special equipment to help us,” said Kevin Bonds, CEO/General Manager.

The helicopter used by Rotor Blade has a saw unit with ten blades each two feet in diameter.

During this work by the helicopter, Members may experience blinks or short outages due to limbs falling on the lines.  Southwest Electric has linemen on standby in the area in the event of outages.  “We appreciate our Members’ patience as Rotor Blade operates its helicopter in the area.  It is our hope that this work will reduce the number of unexpected outages in the area in the future,” said Bonds.

If you experience an outage, please report it on the SmartHub app or call 800-287-8564.

Southwest Electric is a Member-owned electric cooperative based in Lorman, Miss, that provides power to over 25,000 meters in Adams, Amite, Claiborne, Copiah, Franklin, Hinds, Jefferson, Lincoln and Wilkinson counties. The cooperative is an equal opportunity provider and employer.